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vins de Chablis

Vallée des rosiers

La Chapelle-Vaupelteigne

89800 Chablis

Domaine Jean Goulley et fils









Domaine Jean Goulley

The Domaine Jean Goulley et Fils is installed in the Chablisian vineyard’s  heart.

Traditionally in Burgundy, Chablis wines are only made from grapes of Chardonnay. The terroir takes a decisive place in the wine type. That’s why we have chosen an organic culture which permits alive and expressive grounds since many years. The Domaine has got some “Petit Chablis”, “Chablis” and “Chablis Premier Cru” on the really renowned climate of Fourchaume, Montmains and Mont de Milieu. If our wines have acquired a pretty nice notoriety, it is essentially because of their minerality, their purity and their vivacity which we find back on the real Chablis from the past.




  Jean and Philippe Goulley

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